Ballet (3 yrs and up)

Ballet  is the most elementary and important of all dance forms. Ballet is  considered to be the foundation of all dance forms. The school exams  follow the syllabus of The British Association of Teachers of Dance  (BATD), which will help to develop strength, control, grace, poise and  discipline, but competitive and exam students are also required to take  Ballet technique classes, which include syllabus exercises from the  Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). 

The competitive/exam junior program consists of 2 ballet exam classes per week and one ballet technique class (which can include pointe for the girls).  

The senior students will participate in 2 ballet exam classes per week, one ballet technique class, one strength/conditioning class and one pointe technique class per week.

Ballet (Exam/Competitive students)

Baby 1 class per week

Pre Primary-Primary 1 class per week Grade 1-5 2 class per week  

Associate and Membership ballet classes available

Dress Code



Ages 3 -5: Pink Bodysuit, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

Ages 6+: Black Bodysuit, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

**Hair Up in a Bun



Black Ballet Shorts, White or Black T-Shirt/Tank Top, 

Black Ballet Shoes